and the very sound of my voice

by amy sharp

I'd bring you lists
of ancient words
of very obscure fruits
destroyed cities
and read them to you
line by line
until I could feel you
looking through me
all the way to
my other side


by amy sharp

I'll take you boozy and tired and spent under the tree
wrapped in an old blanket and thinking your thoughts
the secrets that you keep to yourself
The parts of the year that hurt
The ones that shined and glittered
All of them
I'll stretch out beside you and watch the lights
I'll be your girl

my mouth moves at the speed of light

by amy sharp

I've spent hours telling you the same things
I should try sign language
old words no one speaks anymore
morse code on your thigh
my eyes turn greener
like evergreens
wet grass

this one time I tried to punch myself in the face
knock myself out
wake up
with amnesia
with a head full of


Coming down is the hardest thing.

by amy sharp

I drove Finn to the park yesterday and Learning to Fly by Tom Petty came on the radio and I asked him to close his eyes and try and really listen to the song. He did. At the stoplight I looked at his face and it was earnest and beautiful. I told him that this song was popular when I was in High school and it was going to outlive us all. I told him I've been singing it forever. I told him that one day he would walk into a bar somewhere and it would be blasting and he would not be able to stop moving his head up and down just a little bit. Cuz that's the way it goes. And that's what our parents give us. Tiny shreds of the future. The past unraveled in little bits.

Coming down is the hardest thing.


by amy sharp

yes this poem is about you
it's about heat
and light
dangerous curves in the road
pumping blood
a street lamp goes out
the moment you hear a train
in the distance
put your hands on my face
tell me all the words in your mouth
let em spill
let em all fall down


by amy sharp

Sometimes at 3 in the morning I think about my heart
protective sac
4 fucking chambers

72 beats a minute
unless I’m thinking of you

& then
my breastbone shakes
I actually rattle
rock and roll
when you’re in my head



You should just keep a journal.

by amy sharp

I have bad ideas all the time
when I think about your mouth

Once I made a list of all the reasons I should never leave the house.

I have been known to say anything.

This weather pulls my sweater off.
It must be the wind.

How are you?

I hate you I love you

by amy sharp

no one knows the future
you can't do anything with the past
someone read my tea leaves a few years ago
and her face was all scrunched up
I've carried that with me
I'd give you all the words
if you ask for them
hold out your hands
let me see them


no help for that / Charles Bukowski

by amy sharp


there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled

a space

and even during the
best moments
the greatest

we will know it

we will know it
more than

there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled


we will wait

in that

with your little finger

by amy sharp

push the poetry button
here let me lift my shirt
open my mouth
unhinge my jaw
push it
make the words fall out of me
all the ones
you know by heart
letter by letter
the bottom of my soul


small world

by amy sharp

god that felt good
when someone else
said you were just like the way I thought you were
they just said it
plain and simple
and we were in a bar and the glasses were all clinking
like tiny music
and I just looked across the way
pretending to wave to a friend
acting aloof about the conversation
but inside I was alive and high fiving myself
cuz all we ever wanna be is right
down deep
never to be wrong
about our stupid hearts
even if they spill
make a big old mess

neutrally benevolent

by amy sharp

I think of all the ways I could destroy you
dismantle you
pour you out like old dishwater
stand like a boxer
jab you
punch you
take you down
to china town
burn your bridges
clock your jaw
fuck you up
make you cry like your eyes were rivers
that led to the place we made a gulf
a beautiful place to drown
but instead I just watch you sleep
and remember the person I was before we hurt each other
not this person
but that other girl
the softer one
the one who would wish

Can't we still wish and I won't hurt you and destroy you and you won't take me apart?
I sit on the edge of the bed and take off my clothes. When I was a little girl I always thought that if a genie appeared I'd just use my last wish for 3 more wishes. Every single time. I would rule the world.

right now I'd use all 3 wishes on an ordinary day years ago
a time machine
to a Tuesday
or a Thursday
the old old old neighborhood
us laughing
the world still quite slow
a dog barking
a train in the distance

all the time in the world left for destruction