what does the edge of depression look like



6 drinks on a Monday


the sofa

one corner littered with blankets

dirty socks


the fake nod to a very good friend

that everything

is good

so busy

so good


walking slowly

down High street

affected suddenly

by the sunlight

the buzz all around you


you are a magnet

you are a valley

people pass


is it the lists you make

in good faith

but find at the bottom of your bag


or the voice in your head

the one you have known since you were young

maybe it is your voice

but it sounds so mean and underwater

you are not enough

you have really messed these past years up


or maybe it’s standing in line for coffee

and you just want to be somewhere else

always somewhere else


I pull my toe back

flex it

I don’t know about you

but I see the line

I’m walking it like a curb

like a little kid

who certainly don’t wanna step on a crack

break his mama’s back