This is the rest of the advice I started giving you at the gay bar last night.


Someday your soft heart will be smashed. You've read all the books, watched films, seen the way people treat each other in the street. Get ready. Wait for it. Wait for it. And some of the times you will just have to live with it. This is truly the shittiest part. Let the heart wreck bullshit just sit with you for an undetermined amount of time. Treat it like a dangerous pet that you have to feed quickly. Stroke it. Acknowledge it. Tell it to go away but in a sweet little whisper. In French.  Because you have to deal with it or it will never go away. It will bite you. You could die.

And then you will wake up and the sun will be all over the room and you had forgotten how badly you felt. It just happens like that and you may even put your hand to your chest and feel like your heart is bigger. Stronger. Faster. If there is a mirror in your bedroom take a good look at yourself. This is life. You are looking at life.

Make sure you keep giving your love away no matter how stupid that feels again. Give it to all the people. Like sweets, balloons. Paper. A bunch of flowers in your hand.  Not everyone means to be terrible and thoughtless and confusing. But we all do it and we all rise up again in sunny bedrooms. Just wait. You’ll remember all of this someday.