The Silver Baby Cup VI

Astrologically speaking, I 've always been lucky when it comes to people. I'm drawn to the good ones in this life. Always have been. I was super lucky this past weekend to meet a whole gaggle of good eggs in one place. My friend Lizzie  had told me all about his mythical yard golf tournament (The Silver Baby Cup) and over the course of this year I was crossing my fingers that he would invite us. A yard golf tournament? Yep. It's an annual event full of rules and characters and families and tradition. People come from all over to attend. (Ohio, Maine, Tennessee, Texas, Massachusetts, West Virginia etc.)

It is like stepping inside of a Wes Anderson film.
This year it was nestled in the hills of Athens, Ohio (motherland) and hosted by two of the most generous and cool people ever. Thanks Grace + JD! xxxxxx's

There were gorgeous and interesting people everywhere. There were musicians and actors and shipwrights and handsome carpenters. The food was delicious and the libations flowed. I made this cocktail and dubbed it “The Mulligan” and I may have made many drunk and stumble into the night. I never stopped talking to people. I found poems in the cracks of the mud. I found stories in the caddy bags. I gave away good luck charms and saw a shooting star. It was amazing. 

 It's hard to explain how intense this golf thing is. This year the course was built into a ravine. The golfers maneuvered the terrain and with the exception of some initially secured “Mulligans” they must PLAY the ball even if it goes into the woods or a patch of poison ivy or a bush of thorns. Also it was raining. It’s part golf and part landscaping trickery. But there are rules. (I think 24 of them and there is a judge named Jasper who walks around and RULES the course as he looks amazingly dapper) You can have a machete with you but you must not pull from the ground. Only cut. Shit like that. It’s pretty intense and amazing to watch the golfers commit to the course. They played in the rain for 8 hours. After the first day, five golfers made it into the final day. Also. The sweating thing. It was 1000 degrees and THICK in them woods. But they rocked it. The thing is that if you WIN The Silver Baby Cup, you have to HOST it the next year. It’s intense. Joe had to be sponsored to play. It’s that real people. J

Joe surprisingly made it into the finals (he has never golfed!) and we ended up staying the whole weekend. I’m so glad that happened because I was able to relax and let the kids run wild for a few days and TENTS! I love tents. The sound of rain on a tent is magic. And I feel free in the woods. I feel the happiest in SE Ohio. And music. Earwig played and they played the song I helped write. I sat in my little camp chair and felt my mind being blown all over the starry night sky.

The winner was Aaron. He kicked ass and he usurped the 2x winner JD.  There was much revelry and joy poured from everyone at the end of it all. It was pure joy. Fun.

I want to write a story about The Silver Baby Cup. Or a poem. Or a screenplay. It hit me like that. Yeah, just like that. So I had to share. x