Right? Right?

I'm burning effigies tonight in a fire pit in the backyard of my wonderful neighbor's home. It will be suburban ruckus and wild and perfect and no one will notice me doing strange things in the back yard. Truth is, no one would think twice about me doing anything weird. But I will. I will make little representations of people and things in glitter and crayon and I will kiss them. I don't know what I'm doing but I'm going to try and unbreak my own heart. I want to see things burn up. Like white hot wonder. I think if I can see it all crackle and watch the billows of smoke in the dark blue night I can make peace with this year. The year I came undone.

And you over there.

And you too.

All of you, let’s make believe.

No fuck it, let’s make real that everything is going to be fine.

The world is ready for us to set things in motion.





All that glitters is your golden moment. Every single thing you want is within reach. It’s just waiting for you to realize it. We will be so much smarter when the clocks spin tonight. We will be tiny champions. Little mysteries. Love soaked warriors.
Right? Right?

Happy New Year.

That’s what you say when you can’t say anything else.