a poem a day for a year # 132

I like it that you joined the roller derby and became a badass
you make me want to get smaller and meaner
wear tight clothes and have that je nais se quoi that 
turns the heads
I want to push the hell out of my way
I imagine that it feels good to skate the circle with purpose
jam sessions

when I was a little girl 
I wanted to be a professional roller skater
we had a concrete slab on our front porch
and I would put on "Hey Mickey" and go back and forth
about 400 times a day
but one summer my feet grew and grew
and I never got new skates 

I want to be like you and do more things that scare me
like join the circus
for a hot summer
just run the fuck away 
take more chances
open my mouth to the wind
build a tent of stars
smack your ass 
and walk north
towards all the arms
they wave
they wave