a poem a day for a year #97

we had no clue that time was a lie
that hearts were black
that love was pain
we only knew what felt good
and how things tasted
and what we wanted
and wouldn't you go back there for a day
just to not know
a bunch of everything
just to be together
and have cracked the spine
of The Catcher in the Rye
for the first time ever
that first time
on your small bed
in the late afternoon
when the sun licked at my bare legs
illuminated your fair hair like a crown
and made the room glare
when I put my hands on your chest
and kissed you like currency
like a thank you card you give
to someone who cracks open your brain
and pours in all the new
all the good
all the ingredients
that when mixed
that when folded in
create a writer

but then time marched on and tore us apart
like some sort of jacked up Stand By Me bullshit
we had no idea
the future
would grab our necks
push us into corners
and show us the truth

we had no idea that time would speed off
before we could make proper plans
to know each other forever
before we could take out knives
and carve our initials in the trees
that still stand somewhere