a poem a day for a year #20

my kid asked me 

where paradise city was

the other day


he listens to every word

when I indulge in the 80's radio station

when we drive the stinky old minivan down the 

long roads of our day


well baby, Axl Rose says he really wants to go back

so I am thinking it must be a nice place

I say

looking into the tiny rearview mirror

his fat sugar face 



but yeah mom

where is it?

where the grass is green

and the girls are pretty


yeah mom

is it here?

yes babe

right here

with you


and off to the side of the road the trees so big 

that you couldn't imagine they were once slight

tiny limbs

that took off like love

and now push shade all over the roof of the van




just like so many years ago

all the music of our youth 

comes back to life in the spins of crappy dj picks

on random Fridays

in the winter

of our descent into older

in minivans all across the country

in the heartbeat pounding of motherhood


so far away

Don't worry babe 

I say

If you know the words

just sing them