when you see it you know it

I was overcome today

undone by emotions at watching my four year old

take his swimming lessons

he is full of joy

full of fire spit angel glitter

the whole pool sparkles around him

whatever that thing is

that je ne sais quoi

that people have been telling me i've got

for years and miles

that thing you can't put your finger on

you can't name it

he's got it

that kid

and it's amplified

he's got it bad

there is something that hangs in the air around him

his mouth opens so wide

when he laughs

you have to watch out 

else you will fall in



and everyone that he talks to feels it too

the kids and the postman and the mothers and the old men in fedoras

they all light up like a big evergreen dream

he is different

like that damn rainbow fish book



he just gives it away

and I don't care if that damn fish is a socialist

I just care that I know science told me scales do grow back

even the prettiest ones


and I tell him as we brush our teeth

I tell him things

like just never be afraid to be the one that is different 

because you are

you don't have to give it away 

or be like them

they will take it 



but you have that original thing

that je ne sais quoi that lives in the gap of a smile

that says the thing others will not

that opens hearts with eyes

that leans over and kisses

that walks across rooms 

you have it little man

whatever you do

don't let it go

take it mexico and marry it

shine it like a bible school song

take it with you till you go