Write LIKE Faulkner

So I have this new idea for writing adventures. I am going to take one week a month and write like a famous author. I am not going to WRITE like Faulkner. I am going to write LIKE Faulkner. 

I am going study the idiosyncrasies of writers and take a few days to write like they would have written. Study. Sleuth. Pretend. I read somewhere that Faulkner liked to drink with Sherwood Anderson. I read that they would sit for whole days talking and drinking whiskey and then lock themselves away and create. I like the thought of binge drinking and talking deeply to rev the engine. It may not be smart but I am sure it was effective. I will call on the pub night people of my town. I will find the conversations that make me tap into my urges.

I take the long green scarf off the hook by the door and wrap it around my neck three times. I put on my coat as it is now cold outside and walk into the bright sun. I race to the liqueur store and purchase a nice midrange bourbon. I carry it like a baby home. I finger the mint julep recipe that my grandmother copied for me from a mid century hostess booklet. Her handwriting is loopy and lady finger pretty.  I mix the liquid and stand beside of the oven. I drink from the cup. I think about Caddy and how she smells like trees in The Sound and the Fury. My hands find my face. I am turning Southern Gothic.


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