Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

So I am reading The Sound and the Fury this week.
I made a list of a bunch of novels that I thought I had read and realized I had not.
I choose them also for literary techniques and points of view
as I am a little stuck in my own writing and trying to inspire myself.
I find that when I read other work that is magnificent it can help jump start me.
It's like when I go on vacation with my skinny friends I systematically join Weight Watchers again and look pretty damn good for short spurts.
Faulkner is a cool cat.
So far I am enjoying the human condition in this stream-of-consciousness narrative.

I also made a giant leap and am sending chunks of my novel soon to a person I found via another cool person. He is sorta like an editor or a writing coach/teacher I suppose. He taught at Naropa which was where I wanted to go when I was a big old dreamer in 1994.
It is scary but good for me.
It's strange how when you start to put things out to the universe you get motion.

you get motion that ripples through yr body and sometimes
you have to peek out the mail slot of yr door
to make sure the world isn't rocking
to make sure people are not flying by
and the sky is still the right color
of blue

pic via ffffound