I always wanted Silver Eyes

Last week at pub night with the girls I kinda let it slip that I sometimes sit around and try to move things with my mind. I mean-I just think it's possible and everyone laughed because it is funny. I immediately accessed my netflix account and added "The Men Who Stare at Goats" to my queue because the pub girls told me about it after the laughter subsided.

I blame it on reading The Girl with the Silver Eyes and hearing that "We use only 10% of our brains" when I was a child.

I know we use all of our brains as I am sure that this is a myth, but I do think there are so many untapped areas in our mind/body/spirit. I think about it more now as an adult because I hear stories of my perfect Baptist minister grandmother telling the future and of all of the things that happened to my father in law concerning Spiritualism in England.

It's just one of those weird little things about me.
And really it's just something I think about and try from time to time.
Infrequent but focused upon like when you bite the inside of yr mouth
and tongue the sore for a week and you can only think if that.
And then poof.
You don't think about it anymore.

I think telekinesis is possible even if it means that I will only move a feather
along the wooden floor silently on a Tuesday some far off day when I am very old.

When gray braids hang limp across old cotton dress shoulders

and I raise my fist in the air and pump it.

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