When Dinger and Bobby Keller dance I smile.

We walk to school through a path between two houses and it rocks my mind how much it reminds me of the movie "Dream a Little Dream" and the way the kids walk through Jason Robards yard and he is all deep in his meditation that will keep him and Piper Laurie together forever in dreamy space time shit.

It's like my goal this school year to download the soundtrack to that movie and jam to it while walking down that path.
It's like each step would make me feel really old, but really happy.

I am trying to find things, all the little tiny things to do to keep me buoyant.
I think perhaps I am skirting with depression.
Or this is just life.
I don't know the difference right now.
Most other times I have felt like this it dissipated after a bit.
At least for sure after a month of Sundays.