working hard

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I think I was suffering from some sort of depression from finishing five seasons of The Wire on DVD in less than a month. I love that show. I would burn my eyeballs and watch it late at night. I am rating this show right up there with Six Feet Under. It is on my laminated list of shows that I like to make love to.
Today kinda rocked though- and pulled me from the post traumatic stress of missing McNulty.
We won the etsy baby shower gift contest and we were interviewed for a local newspaper article about our wood toys.
Yeah, the work is hard but super sweet.
I think it is kinda cool that our boys are growing up in a house where they can learn a trade if they like. Sure they can rock it at college and I hope they do- but they can also move to some cool small town and be the hot carpenter perhaps.
They can carve out magic of their own.