It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #12

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Tiffin and I knew each other in college- well we knew of one another...She dated a co-worker of mine at "World's Best Bagels." That sound ridiculous, but it is true. (honestly it did have the best bagels/terribly mean owner- but amazing NYC bagels and great cats working in it)
She dated the same guy I wondered about way back here and have since located. (Love how online life works out.) Anyhoo-Tiffin and I reconnected as she found my blog and we have become friends after all this time passed. We are both running small business and both are interested in women helping women market and thrive online.
She has a lot of passion in what she does and I am inspired.
I am truly hoping to see her again in real life.
She makes beautiful things people. Check out Linwood Avenue!

things that inspire me:

* my creative friends. just finding people who have the same interest as you does your creative mind a world of good
* yard sales
* an 80 year old’s craft room (seriously, my dream is to buy a house in the country that a woman has lived her entire life in. I want to go through everything, especially the attic!)
* amazing fabric
* the way a field of trees close to me seems to glow from the bottom up to the sky. I think it is the most beautiful place and have to stop and stare for at least 10 minutes every time I pass it.
* hydrangeas in a big bowl on the table
* my sleeping children or the smell of their cheeks when they wake up (aka: sleepy cheek)
* a breeze flowing through open windows
* pinball
* traveling
* reading (absolutely anything!)

favorite blogs:
annamariahorner– I so want to meet her, her drive and creativity are so inspiring. the color palette in her fabrics and her home can’t help but make you smile – she bought 2 of my lampshades the first few weeks that my shop was open. when I checked out her blog and saw her artwork, I was blown away. her book is being shipped to me as I type this and I can’t wait to crack it open. the more I read, the more honored I am that she found me and liked my work.
– what can I say, I have a major crush on jason mraz! – she was the first creative friend I made in the suburbs and I am so thankful we met. I think we each have half of one brain. she is starting to get her feet wet in the blogging world and I am cheering her on.
– jessica is a friend of mine around the corner whom I love. she takes on a million tasks as I do and somehow manages to do everything beautifully.

I am thankful that I have finally come to the realization that being a crafter is the same thing being an artist. in my college years, I was always shy about my artwork, I felt it never matched up to the painting or sculpture majors that I shared an existence with. being a crafter was truly a four letter word to me for so long. now, thanks to the wonderful indie craft movements and blogs I have discovered, I am able to be truly at ease with the work I produce and hope to be doing it for a very long time.

And she is as real as rain this one
I adore her
read her blog
and shop her store
and have a freaking awesome weekend xo

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