I didn't even wear underwear to class today.

by Amy Turn Sharp

I went to a kickboxing class today and had to bail out after like 15 minutes.
I forgot to eat breakfast and I thought I was going to die or at the very least pass out and it would be so embarrassing for me to pass out in a group class.
The other sweaty small women would have to drag my large sweaty body to the center of the room and perform CPR and when they lifted my hand cut homage to Flashdance lijit t-shirt from my body they would recoil in disgust at the old tattered sports bra.
I didn't even wear underwear to class today.
I wore my tankini bottoms so that I could jump in the pool quickly after class.
These are the things I was thinking about while squatting.
These are the things that made me run from the sun filled room.