Tell it to me slowly/Tell you what?

It was a busy weekend and I am at the final push of being ready for my festival. I found a way to make handles for my bird mobiles in bags. It turns out the a 2006 desk unused desk calendar that they were throwing out at the tiny local office supply store would work just perfectly if I tore off the sheets and folded them into handles. God I love a stapler.
Hah Hah to Joe who says I bring home too much junk. I spin some of the junk to silk.
My two goals for this week are to document some cool kid art we are working on and post summer camp week 3/4 on CMP. I promise!
My dad also let me have my old Fisher Price movie viewer and it is so freaking cool. I love the crank of it and the lack of batteries and the memory of holding the cartridges that seemed so big back then.

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