Go to him now, he calls you/ you can't refuse

Walking at the farmers market Finn hears him from a block away.
Bob Dylan is here mom!!!!
Of course my camera ran out of juice and I only got a snippet, but I got that first snippet of Finn giving to the arts. Finn has pocket money for the market each week and he normally and wisely buys a sweet treat from the bakery, but today he wanted to give his money to Dylan. (He really thought it was Dylan and no amount of reasoning would fly)

I told him sure. Go for it, it will feel good.
Joe and I used to buy art even when we were poor bc we knew that it would always make us feel rich. I also like to give money to those brave artist who sing out loud for us all. I have tossed coinage all over the world in guitar boxes and I hope that Finn continues to do so. I hope he becomes a missionary of artistic evangelism and I feel so lucky that I was there for that first toss- that moment that welled up in a small boys soul.

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