If I knew the way I would take you home.

Finnian had his 4year old Dr. appointment this morning. I walked through the door and the very first thing I noticed was a brand new baby in the waiting room, screaming, squawking, and asserting herself into the practice. I noticed the new mom a bit anxious looking as she dug round in her new gleaming perfect diaper bag for some solace. I felt that moment shine over me, I was there for a second in that limbo land of new baby. The magnitude of WTF and sleep deprivation mixed into a cocktail like nothing I ever had in college. I smiled at her and she knew I knew. I know I still have a baby. Blaise is tiny still, but nothing is like that first one. There will never again be that first visit. I know it has been tossed around in every mothers mind and these are not shockingly new thoughts but Finnian had to pee in a cup today and that really made me realize he is a big boy.
He also had a clever debate with his doctor concerning shots and how he really didn't think a booster of Hepatitis was necessary. Love him.

Two things:

Check out these adorable shoes from my pal over at Skimbaco.
She is a sweet gal with a cool business and I want these shoes for some new baby girls in my life! Adorable.

I also wanted to tell you about MotherTalk's THAT BABY CD/DVD I reviewed for them. I loved it so much! The DVD is amazing and sucks you right in with the beautiful Happiness Runs tune. All the gorgeous acoustic music is such a refreshing break from the usual suspects in children's music marketing. (Wheels on the freaking bus!!!) The video is truly watchable from an adult standpoint. I really did sink into the couch and relax. I was not mentally preparing shopping lists or writing poems in my head as I often find myself doing while viewing children's programming.
Old school lovelies like Fleetwood Mac, Neil diamond, The Pretenders, Joni Mitchell and more rock it!
The music is chill and relaxed but authentically great to listen to as a family. We have been playing the CD in the car nonstop. I highly recommend this cool CD! They also replace their item if they get damaged or scratched. How family friendly is this company?
To buy the CD and/or DVD, you can check out the That Baby website. If you enter the coupon code "MotherTalk" when purchasing you can save 20% on your entire order!

From now until May 18th, all orders using the coupon code "MotherTalk" will be entered in a drawing to win a new iPod nano!

This review is part of the MotherTalk blog tour.

So- super late...Paige you won the Mama Rocks book giveaway! Coming your way!
I am also giving my CD copy of That Baby CD away to a reader!!!!
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