Im stronger than the monster beneath your bed/Smarter than the tricks played on your heart

Week five/blackboard poems
Previously Lie Poems
This morning we did a simple poetry lesson that also worked on letter recognition. Finn dictated a "poem" about the scary closet in his room.(How is this so universal?) and I wrote it on the blackboard. We read it a few times and then I asked him to pick the words he wanted to learn to "read" and he choose a few and we made a little game to play. I cut out the words and he had to find the matching word and tape it over the original word. Every time he found one he got to put a magical stone on the word.(God love sparkly shiny raised stickers)
It was simple and you could also write a famous poem on the blackboard or paper and play the game this way to introduce great poems to children.
I also found this site and nearly fell over. This is one cool place! I want many of these cool instruments!