They say it's your birthday/We're gonna have a good time

From three to four
I promised all four shots of the shirt....but I am too lazy to go on old computer today. All five next year~

Today is Finn's 4th birthday. Where have all those days gone? How can you be four already? You were just my small wrapped up baby and now yr big and bright and exploring the world. I want to thank you Finn for all that you are teaching me. I have changed much since the day I glimpsed you. I have become a better person for loving you. You have made me face the hardest parts of myself and all the love you released from within me still hangs in the air everyday for me to glean. Much of the rage from origins unknown, has been released and I am more patient than I ever knew I could be because of you. You are the first thing I ever loved properly and without any hesitation. You are my teacher young boy. Happy Birthday Finnian.