And it flows like a river/Flows like a river in my soul

Finn and I are working on bodies today. He made a cut out of his body and we talked about his body and some science and some body image and he was so open and you could almost feel his mind percolating the discussion. I think it is very important to begin this dialogue now about his personal self. Self concept work is crucial for children. I think tiny little lessons during the week like this can help build up a child's self esteem and knowledge base. Again, I freak out sometimes when I think of all that I have been entrusted with in having children. Do you have any special lessons you use with yr children? Are there any good books on this these topics? I am going to the library today! :)
In other news...I made a kick ass grocery/market bag out of a beloved old t-shirt yesterday. It rocks! I am going to make more!!!!