But when we rise it's like strawberry fields

Finn loved the lanterns in the photos from Avesta's wedding and I thought I would make him some paper lanterns for his room. I went with a simple design that can be made easily with any size paper. I actually used the DESIGN WITHIN REACH catalog again! I had such a good time making owls with the catalog last time that I thought I would keep on keeping on with my DWR pal. I was so honored to be on designmom.com (Oh how I want goddess Gabrielle Blair to adopt me) and apartment therapy's ohdeedoh.com with my owls. I am happy to be able to create cool decor for the kids rooms for free. I think Finn will dig his new art when he comes back tomorrow from mama and papa's. I think he will be making some with me for brothers nursery!
There are a ton of sites that give simple directions. I tend to glaze over with directions...so what I did was just take pages from the catalog and fold lengthwise and cut slits into the fold. I unfolded the paper and glue sticked the short sides together. I glued a strip at the top for a handle and TADA! This is a wonderful project for preschoolers who can sorta use scissors- small mess ups will not show while hung! Have fun!