I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle/yeah

I am working on being refreshed. I am giving myself a little parenting course this week. I was digging around in my old teacher boxes and found a parenting booklet we used once at an after school parenting workshop funded by our local health department. It is "Parenting Tips for the Strung Out Mom and Dad" by Ruthann Saphier. It is a whimsical little publication that gives tips and hints for a bit of parental rejuvenation. I am going to post a tool a week. I am working on the patience section as I need it terribly this week. Returning home from days of being unscheduled and completely selfish make for hard transitions back to daily life that feels stifling and a bit annoying at first. Just honest.
I am trying to remember that my sons need me to be consistent and on track for them to be able to feel secure. I am trying to give my self a bit of time out when I need it. I am trying to push my tongue back into my mouth and tie it in a knot before I yell out.
When we are in routine we are cool.
When we just try and free float a day away we get in trouble.
How do you practice patience? How do you calm the beast that lives deep inside? That little monster called unrealistic expectation. I am going to have a special tea time for the kids and me after nap. I am going to do what is most important. I am going to say I am sorry to them for being a major bitch yesterday and part of this day. I am going to get us back on track. I have the above image hung on my wall and I will make it my mantra this week. Just like back in college when I had to memorize some dumb formula or obscure fact or term- I would write it on a large white dry erase board that hung in our living area. It would just be there as I watched TV or drank beer or hung out and eventually it became imprinted. Eventually.