Love is a banquet on which we feed

So our friends Michelle and Arge sent Joe a box of English chocolate today. He nearly wept with joy. It was one of those moments where you can just see joy spread right across a face. We were out with friends last weekend and Joe was talking about being a little boy and getting Thornton's chocolates and how he hasn't had that chocolate in over a decade and how when he was small he hardly had it anyway bc it was pricey and he was quite poor. But he loved it. He loved it so much.

It was just a moment in a conversation, but someone listened and made a mental note and made Joe's day. How often do we do this for one another? Not often enough. It rocked. And now that the three boys are off running an errand I am so dipping into the chocolate.

The shop is busy busy. If you have any shopping for wee one's to do there is still time to shop! And Seriously...thank you for the sweet emails and comments about the new site and newsletter subscriptions. I love you down to my stinky feet. xo

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