Well I know what I’ve been told/U gotta work to feed the soul

by Amy Turn Sharp

Simple and Easy Halloween Game...The Boo Bag! Finn is asking more and more what certain words "starts" with so we made a sweet little game called the Boo Bag today.

I asked him to name some items that meant Halloween and he came up with witch, pumpkin, leaf, candy, and so on.. I made some quick paper cut outs and added some cards that said BOO and grabbed a bag to put them all.

We took turns grabbing out a paper shape and the object of the game is to be able to name and identify beginning consonants.

Pumpkin! Pumpkin starts with a P
Yeah! You get to keep the card you identify.
The person with the most cards wins.
BUT! If you draw a BOO card you must scream BOO and run around the room like a maniacal Halloween terror!

Seriously, it is fun!

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