Tony Soprano and my bada bing beating heart

by Amy Turn Sharp

I didn't feel cheated at all. I actually felt a sensation that I have not felt since Six Feet Under was on- connectivity to characters so deep that I tingled inside. My whole body was leaning into the TV and it was such visceral frenzy. I loved the mind rush of the last few moments. It was kinda a sexy feeling- excitement! . I knew I was not going to get a neat little package all tied up with a bow. I knew that I would sink back into the sofa and exhale and sit and think about an investment that I had made into a series that was not so much a mob show, but a series about people- characters I loved. I love HBO. It's a good thing that it's over though- or that we are moving to a new house- because Finn's room is above our TV room now and he can hear the Soprano's as he lies in bed on Sunday nights apparently. Three Sunday's ago I ran upstairs to grab a pillow and he was lying in his bed repeating "my fing dahtta?" quietly like a mouse over and over...