Vogue Magazine and Wal-mart?

I have always read Vogue. It began when I was 16 years old. I lived in the deep country. My mom drove an El Camino and my father worked in a factory. I am sure I had clothing from Sears and Roebuck. I found a pile of Vogue magazines in my art class in high school and I fell in love. I started reading and my unsophisticated self died a little when I cracked the spine ofa fresh issue of Vogue and was transported to a place of magic and awe...Viewing the world from a different vantage point. Vogue has always been a constant in my life, traveling through college, living in Europe, and finally settling back down in Ohio with a family. I do not own a Birken bag or shop at Tod's, but I still adore fashion and the sheer bliss it gives to me. I subscribe to Vogue because I want to escape and relish the fashion world. I want to know what is hot and what is classic and what to spend my money on this season. I want to see beautiful images.
So Sunday when I was preparing to carve out a few precious moments to myself as I had sent my boys to the park, I got a large coffee and sat down to read my Vogue September issue. I thought I was hallucinating as I opened to a full spread advertising section of Wal-mart fashions. I do not want to see Walmart adverts. I know that Walmart is on a mission to compete with Target and others that have gone mainstream of sorts, but I venture to say that it will not succeed. Walmart has a place. It is a place I may purchase diapers and household goods, and I may walk down its long aisles with my Fendi swinging from my shoulder if I please,but it is not a place that carries clothing like I see in Vogue. I want my Vogue to be true to itself. I want them to Save that ad space for an up and coming rockstar designer and give it to them at an affordable rate. And while I am on the subject of Wal-mart...What is up with the place? I feel really sicko shopping there. My mother loves Wal-mart and told me to check out diapers for Finn there. Yes, they are cheaper, but I feel like the whole idea of Walmart cheapens me. I think I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot shop there anymore...even for cheap diapers. Why should I shop/support the place where t-shirts are sold that were made by a woman making 20 cents an hour, I can't buy dirty Rap if I wanted to, and my local small business people are suffering. Ugh. But, back to Vogue. I think I may have to write a letter to the Editors and beg them to look inward. They too are perhaps being seduced and mind washed by the Mart. I need my monthly Vogue to be as true to itself as a conglomerate Conde Naste publication can be.